Our Team

Our team have built up a close relationship with all leading agents, and auctioneers, acquiring and obtaining the healthy off-market deals or those deals that require top speed performance. We purchase property that we identify its health and security of its equity, and how we believe we could add value to the property by way of development, to ensure high yielding profit.

Historic Sales

One of the historic sales in Auction room, which has hit the headlines in the Estates Gazette was the sale of Lot 79 in the Allsop Commercial auction dated 8th February 2016, a unique parade of 17 shops & uppers, sold for £7.2M, whilst all other bidders in room hesitated and couldn’t identify the great potential in this deal, we had a clear view of its hidden treasure, and to-date the value of this parade has already doubled itself and the rest.

Property Development

Once a deal is secured through the top-notch solicitors and legal advisors, we immediately move on to the development side of things, we obtain planning or any other relevant consent needed, and when one door closes in front of us, whether it’s a Local Authority refusing planning, or any other obstacle, we challenge them professionally until we achieve our goals. It than goes over to our contractors who create state-of the-art properties, mixed commercial and residential.

After six active years, we have a reputation of excellence throughout the property market nationally and internationally, as a result of the tens of millions of pounds of property purchase, development and resales, reaching over 100 units that have been developed in the mentioned manner mainly within the M25, but as well wider in England, where we identified a grab of a deal.

Our properties are well known to local agents, as the modern & high standard finish, those who achieve best resale value.

Our Expertise

Identifying properties with good development potential

Obtaining planning permission for change of use, extensions and conversions

Managing building projects to be cost effective

Design and build with high standard finish

Marketing and selling of completed projects